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A couple of months ago I shot with the lovely & extremely talented Hannah, of LIKE.IT.IS - Handmade by Hannah Hay.

Hannah's got a new website in the making, and needs a catalogue of her vast fabric selection, so that customers will be able to choose their favourite design when ordering their bespoke handmade item.

Here's a really teeny collection of all the fabrics I photographed on our shoot. I photographed a total of 99 different fabrics on this day, and that's not even all of Hannah's amazing fabrics! There are sooo many to choose from, and something to suit everyone's individual tastes.

This bright floral one is my personal favourite, I love it! It's so vibrant, and it's corduroy! 😍

There was something therapeutic about photographing all these different patterns and textures, and I kept imagining how great they'll look when transformed into Hannah's beautifully sewn creations!

Hannah makes lots of different items, including journal/planner covers, business card holders and bags, among lots of other glorious goodies. One of her most popular products though, is the Teabag Traveller, which holds all your favourite teas when you're on the go!

It can hold 9 teabags (or more if you're particularly canny), fits nicely into your handbag or pocket, and is held closed securely with a colour co-ordinated elastic.

Spending time in Hannah's workspace and seeing her handmade pieces unfold, whilst we drank plenty of tea and put the world to rights, made for such an enjoyable shoot!

All the colours everywhere you look make for such photogenic scenes!

Hannah pays such close attention to detail when it comes to the cutting of the patterns of each fabric, to ensure the best design outcome when the piece is assembled and complete. Not only this, she also chooses co-ordinating colours for the fabrics on the inside (which are different each time - so you know yours will be completely unique!) AND when it comes to her popular Teabag Travellers, she even chooses colour-appropriate teas to fill & match each pouch! It's these extra touches that really set Hannah's work apart.

I am now the proud owner of one of Hannah's Teabag Travellers and it comes everywhere with me! It's perfect for when I'm in between shoots or out and about and need a quick tea break!


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