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Back in the Spring, I had a great time shooting with Selva Business & Life Coaching.

Ruth, the business & life coach herself, needed new images for her blog, website and social media, and for the promotion of the workshops that she runs from her lovely log cabin near Llangrannog.

It was such a lovely place to spend a morning, so calm and peaceful!

It was so interesting to hear all about what Ruth does, and see where it all goes on, and best of all - to see a workshop in action!

Selva Business & Life Coaching runs Vision Board and Goal Setting workshops, which are based around using creativity to channel your focus and highlight your ambitions and intentions, in a relaxed and stress-free way.

I've realised more than ever just how much I love capturing creativity in action! There's something about photographing something being created, and the hands and tools used in the process.

It was really interesting to observe what everyone was drawn to when selecting the content for their vision boards, and to see what imagery and text made the final cut! The finished articles were all so unique to each individual, proving Ruth's theory that Vision Boards are an incredibly effective means of drawing out what's going on in your subconscious!

I love a good close-up shot of things in the making, but also think it works really well to capture the entire scene, like in this shot:

Your vision board can be centred around any specific aspect of your life - your home/business/travel plans etc, or it can be a broader take, reflecting you and your life in general.

As well as these Vision Board days, Ruth also hosts collaborative workshops with other talented people such as astrologists and yoga teachers!

Ruth also offers 1:1 Life and Business Coaching to individuals looking for support and advice on their journey towards making their dreams and aspirations a reality.

Ruth's daughter Alysha creates beautiful Lino print, recycled, stationary, which I was also fortunate enough to photograph! These can be found on Alysha's Etsy shop.

And finally, last but definitely not least - the gorgeous Sky!! What a beauty!!

If these workshops sound right up your street then check out Ruth's Facebook Page for all her upcoming events!


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