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Following the launch of Chuckling Goat's Super Sensitive Skin Balm a couple of weeks ago, I thought now would be a good time to write a blog post of my recent shoot of this gorgeous new product!

The balm is completely natural & handmade on the farm. It provides extra care for skin that really needs an added dose of TLC. You can learn more about the balm and all its ingredients here.

I loved this shoot as Han & I were able to get really creative with the set - lots of the key dried ingredients - and capture the balm looking as luxurious and gorgeous as possible!

Plus how photogenic is dried chamomile and beeswax?!

The jars for the Super Sensitive Skin Balm are super cute too, I love them!

The second half of the shoot was great too; I captured the process of this lovely new product being made by the girls in the Soapery. It always smells incredible in there due to the essential oils used in the products & I love seeing how everything is made.

I captured the Balm as it was poured into the jars, and saw it gradually set one pot at a time! It really shows how handmade and natural everything by Chuckling Goat is, and I'm very fortunate to be able to portray this within my images.

This newest delight by CG is already proving extremely popular, get hold of yours here!


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